Why Front End Alignments Matters

Wheel Alignment Service

Proactive wheel alignment can help increase the life of a tire, while ensuring a smooth ride with maximum tire performance

Tests have shown that 70% of vehicles on the road would benefit from being properly aligned. A wheel alignment ensures that all wheels on all axles roll straight down the road, creating less rolling and friction resistance which are critical to both fuel economy and tire life.

A properly aligned vehicle is also safer to operate, reducing other risks associated to a lack of vehicle maintenance. Case in point, wheel alignment has a direct correlation with increased fuel efficiency, which can result in higher-than-average maintenance and operation costs—including an increase in your tires’ performance and operational lifetime.

Our advanced technology easily detects misalignment conditions and our computerized spin balancing gets your fleet better fuel economy, improved tire mileage and less stress on your axles and frames. Through this service, Tina’s Tires cab maximize a corporate fleet’s capital investment in its commercial vehicles.

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