Why Timely and Scheduled Oil Changes Matters

Periodic Oil Changes

Periodic oil changes ensure your vehicle or fleet will perform with more efficiency and reduced risk of mechanical malfunctions

Motor oil lubricates the mechanical parts that move inside your engine as well as helps to clean, cool and protect your engine. In addition, motor oil helps keep your car’s engine running smoothly while reducing the wear on all its moving parts. This is why it is important to perform scheduled oil changes as determined by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

No car is immune to the need for changing its motor oil periodically. Over time, motor oil begins to breakdown, making it less effective at lubricating your engine and transferring heat. A critical malfunction due to improper oil changes or a lack thereof, will often result in major damage to your engine—often translating into thousands of dollars in mechanical repairs.

Whenever you need a scheduled oil change, Tina’s Tires will have all your needs covered. Every oil change performed by Tina’s Tires certified technicians includes up to five quarts of oil, a new oil filter, and a courtesy vehicle inspection. We use premium oil brands such as Quaker State, Pennzoil, and Mobil 1, and can meet any of your car’s needs from conventional to high-mileage, synthetic blend, and fully synthetic oil changes.

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